Musings on education, technology, and more.

This is a personal blog for Lennie Symes–an advocate of using technology  for more intellectually challenging learning at all levels–and hopefully make education more fun in the process!

In my work world I am an education technology specialist at TIE, Technology and Innovation in Education. I develop technology integration training for educators, conduct evaluation work, and create data analysis tools (particularly growth models for schools and the state department of ed). I’ve served in many education roles and have seen a lot of trends while promoting technology integration in education since 1983.

Flirting with Chaos is a subsection of this blog that describes specific explorations I am doing with technology, both software and hardware–usually old and cheap technology (I am on an educator’s salary after all). It is  my homage to Jerry Pournelle, who for years wrote Chaos Manor for Byte magazine, which I thoroughly enjoyed.


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